Make Libraries Count!

Welcome to Libraries Count!

This site was created to help academic librarians collect and analyze data on library use and student success. We are librarians interested in library impact on student learning. Our mission is to provide a forum for questions, resources, and tools to be freely shared, tested, and improved upon so that we are better able to demonstrate library impact on student learning and success.

As librarians, we seek data that will demonstrate the value of the library in relation to student success. However, knowing how to collect and analyze that data is an often daunting. As a community we are all facing these same questions. We believe that there is no need to struggle alone. This site was designed to be a safe space for exploration and resource sharing around this topic.

Libraries Count has three primary goals:

1. To unite the academic librarian community around the question of library impact on student learning, by providing a forum for exploration and discussion about data and data collection methods.

2. To connect librarians to the Libraries Count data tool and canned reports to help them collect, store, analyze existing data. Through an IMLS grant, the Libraries Count team is developing a standardized data tool to help institutions manipulate patron data to inform decisions about library services and resource allocation.

3. To document and advise librarians on how to work with their IR departments to incorporate institutional data on student achievement and demographics with library usage and service statistics.

Connecting library service statistics to institutional measures of success such as persistence, retention, completion and grade point average are needed to “Make Libraries Count.”